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MCCB Dam1-250 3p Moulded Case Circuit Breaker with Asta Semko Certification

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The DAM1 series circuit breakers are intended for conducting current in normal mode and switching it off at short circuits, overload, inadmissible bucking as well as operational actuation and tripping of electric circuit parts. They are designed for use in electric units having the operative voltage limited to 400V per rated current from 12,5 to 1600A.

They correspond to the requirements of EN 60947-1, EN 60947-2

Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers:

Thermal protection function:(For protection under over load conditions)
Bimetal, which provides thermal protection, consists of combination of two metals with different extension coefficients under heat. When bimetal is heated, it bends towards the metal with less extension. In this way, a notch that assists opening of the breaker mechanism is released to disable the breaker. Bending speed of bimetal is in direct proportion with size of the current passing through the breaker. Because, increase of current means increase of heat. In this way, over current protection function of the breaker is fulfilled by bimetal at load currents higher than the rated current
Magnetic protection function (For protection under short circuit conditions) Another function of the breaker is to protect the connected circuit against short circuits. Short circuit may occur as a result of contact of phases with each other or contact of phase-ground. Since a very high current shall pass through the cables in case of short circuit, system energy should be broken in a shorter time due to thermal protection. Breaker should perform instant opening to protect load it is connected to. The part fulfilling this function is a mechanical opening mechanism that operates with magnetization caused by the magnetic area formed by the short circuit current
Thermal-Magnetic fixed type Circuit Breakers
Breaking Capacity CodeNSHG
Rated Current of Frame size- Inm (A)250A
Rated Current-In(40,50 or 55ºC) (A)63 - 80-100-125 - 160(180) - 200(225) - 250(320)A
Rated İnsulation Voltage -Ui(a.c.) 50-60Hz (V)750V
Rated operation Voltage -Ue(a.c.) 50-60Hz (V)400/415V
Number of Pole3P /4P
Rated ultimate short Circuit breaking Capacity kA Icu AC400V/50Hz O-CO (KA)35506585
Rated service short Circuit breaking Capacity kA Ics AC400V/50Hz O-CO-CO (KA)26.2537.548.7551
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icm(peak)/cos ф AC400V/50HZ O-CO (KA)77/0.25114/0.25143/0.2178/0.2
Rated impulse withstand Voltage -Uimp (V)8000
Dielectric Propery (V)3000
lonization distance (mm)30/0
EnduranceTotal Cycles8000
Electrical Life1000
Mechanical Life7000
Over Current tripThermal and Magnetic release fix type
Category (EN 60947-2/IEC 60947-2)Main circuitA/B
Auxiliary circuitAC-15
Under Voltage Release
Shunt Release
Auxiliary Contact
Alarm Contact
Auxiliary Contact and Alarm Contact
Handle Operation Mechanism
Electrical Operastion Mechanism
DIN clips-
Terminal cover
Phase seperator
Extention Handle -
W (mm)3P105
L (mm)3P170
H (mm)3P103.5
WeightFixed version 3P/4P2.7/3.541.5/5.5
Plug-in version 3P/4P3.2/4.24.6/6
Draw out version 3P/4P3.6/4.65/6.4