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Micc Precision/Electric/Nicr8020 Nichrome 0.32 Resistance Heating Wire Thermocouple Bare Wire for Heating Elements

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MICC Nicr8020 Nichrome Wire 0.32 Resistance wire

Our resistance wire(heating wire) has the characteristics of high rate of resistance, small resistance temperature coefficient and high use temperature. It has a good corrosion resistance at high temperature, low price and is particularly suitable for using in the atmosphere of sulfur and sulfide, so it is an ideal heating material used in industrial furnaces, household appliances and far-infrared devices.

Main characteristics of FeCrAl high resistance and heating alloys
Alloy Nomenclature / Performance1Cr13Al40Cr25Al50Cr21Al60Cr23Al50Cr21Al40Cr21Al6Nb0Cr27Al7Mo2
Main hemical compositionCr12.0-15.023.0-26.019.0-22.020.5-23.518.0-21.021.0-23.026.5-27.8
Max. continuous service temp. of element650125012501250 110013501400
Resistivity at 20º C (μ Ω @ m)1.251.421.421.351.231.451.53
Density (g/cm 3 )
Thermal conductivity(KJ/m@ h@ º C)52.746.
Coefficient of lines expansion(α × 10-6/º C)15.41614.71513.51616
Melting point (approx. ) (º C)1450150015001500150015101520
Tensile strength (N/mm 2 )580-680630-780630-780630-780600-700650-800680-830
Elongation at rupture(%)> 16> 12> 12> 12> 12> 12> 10
Variation of area(%)65-7560-7565-7565-7565-7565-7565-75
Bending frequency (F/R)> 5> 5> 5> 5> 5> 5> 5
Hardness(H. B. )200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260
Micrographic structureFerriteFerriteFerriteFerriteFerriteFerriteFerrite
Magnetic propertiesMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagnetic