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High Quality Factory Supply 0.1%Fs -100kpa~100MPa Range High Temperature Refrigerant Fuel Pressure Sensor

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SummaryCYX50 series oil injection core pressure sensor adopts the international advanced high stability and high precision silicon pressure chip, adopts the sintering seat of stress optimization design, and is produced by the process of patch, gold wire bonding, membrane plane welding, high vacuum oil injection, pressure circulation stress relief, high temperature aging and temperature compensation.
CYX50 series assembly size and sealing mode meet the international 50 chuck interface standard, with good interchangeability.It is mainly used in medicine, food and other industries with high cleaning requirements to carry out pressure detection.Product features
1. The measuring range is - 100KPA ~ 0kpa ~ 10KPA7MPa
2. It has the form of gauge pressure G, absolute pressure A and sealing gauge pressure S
3. Constant current / constant voltage power supply
4. Isolated structure, suitable for a variety of fluid media
5. Φ 50.5mm standard pressure oiling core
6. All made of 316L stainless steel

3 Main uses1. Pharmaceutical food
2. Industrial process control
3. Gas and liquid pressure measurement
4 Technical index
4.1 Electrical performance
1. Power supply: ≤ 3.0mA; DC ≤ 10V DC
2. Electrical connection: 0.2mm2 4-color 100 mm silicone rubber flexible conductor
3. Common mode voltage output: 50% of current mode input (typical value), 40% of voltage type input (typical value)
4. Input impedance: 2.7K Ω ~ 5K Ω
5. Output impedance: 3.0k Ω ~ 6K Ω
6. Response time (10% ~ 90%): < 1ms
7. Insulation resistance: 500M Ω / 100V DC
8. Allowable overvoltage: 1.5 times of full scale
4.2 Structure performance
1. Diaphragm material: stainless steel 316L
2. Shell material: stainless steel 316L
3. Pressure pipe material: stainless steel 316L
4. Pin lead: Gold Plated Kovar
5. Sealing ring: silicone rubber
6. Net weight: About 160g
4.3 Environment condition
1. Vibration: no change at 10gRMS, (20-2000) Hz
2. Constant acceleration: 100g, 11ms
3. Media compatibility: liquid or gas compatible with 316L and silicone rubber
4.4 Base conditions
1. Medium temperature: (25 ± 3) ºC
2. Ambient temperature: (25 ± 3) ºC
3. Humidity: (50% ± 10%) RH
4. Environmental pressure: (86 ~ 106) kPa
5. Power supply: (1.5 ± 0.0015) MA DC
4.5 Standard range sensitivity output and optional pressure form
RangeFull scale
Output (mV)
Typical valuePressure
RangeFull scale
Output (mV)
Typical valuePressure

4.6 Basic parameters
ParametersTypical valueMaximumCompany
Full scale output100250MV
Zero output+ 1+ 2MV
Input / output Impedance2.65.0K Ω
Zero temperature drift note 1±0.4±1.0%FS,@25ºC
Sensitivity temperature drift note 2±0.4±1.0%FS, @25ºC
Long term stability0.20.3%FS / year
Exciting current1.5(the maximum input voltage can be 10V)mA
Insulation resistance 500(100VDC)M Ω
Compensation temperature note 30~50;-10ºC~70ºCºC
Working temperature -40~+125/150ºC
Storage temperature-40~+125ºC
Response time≤1MS
Shell and diaphragm material316L stainless steel
O-ringsilicon rubber
Measuring mediumCompatible fluids with 316L and silicone rubber
Life (25 ºC)> 1 × 108 pressure cycle (80% FS)time
Filling mediumsilicone oil
Seal ringVarious specifications, user-defined
Note 1 and note 2: the typical value of zero temperature drift and sensitivity temperature drift of 0-10kpa is 0.5%FS@25ºC, maximum 1.2%FS@25ºC.
Note 3: For the range of 200KPa and below, the compensation temperature is 0-50 ºC; if it is greater than 200KPa, the compensation temperature is - 10 ºC - 70 ºC.

5 Selection structure5.1 Model selection and outline drawing
SeriesRangeModelOutline drawing

5.2 Selection Guide

6 Schematic diagram and wiring mode
IN+ (red line) - supply positiveIN - (black line) - supply negative
S + (yellow line) - output positiveS - (blue line) - output negative
7 Application Tips
1. Pay attention to protect the front diaphragm and the compensation circuit board at the back end of the pressure core body, so as not to damage the performance of the pressure core body or cause damage to the core body.
2. Do not press the metal diaphragm with hands or hard objects to avoid core damage due to chip deformation or perforation.
3. The ventilation pipe at the rear of the g-core should be connected with the atmosphere; water, water vapor or corrosive media are not allowed to enter the reference chamber at the rear of the core.
4. Avoid falling and bumping, which will affect the stability of the product.
5. If there is any change in the pin lead, the label carried by the core shall prevail.