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3 Gang 1 Way Switch Stainless Steel Plate Manufacturer

2023-09-17 10:28 Author: View:
We are manufacturer of wall switch & socket for south American.

Our products warranty 15 year.

IEC standard wall switch and socket:
1.We use imported PC, good impact, UV and high temperature resistance .
2.Our switch contacts are made of AgNi15/Cu alloy, which conforms to the EU Rohs 2.0 standard.
3.The socket copper is made of tin phosphor bronze, which has the characteristics of high conductivity, not easy to heat, and strong fatigue resistance.
4.Unique patented intellectual property buckle design, completely solve the current American standard market product module off industry problem.

5.56 sets injection machines and 30,000 square meters factory,low production cost and competitive quality and price